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Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.

It is extremely simple to use, cost effective and replaces your pedicure products and exhaustive foot filing. 

Elim products use facial grade ingredients, such as AHAs, to ensure the best for your client.


The MediHeel range is beautifully packaged and is the perfect addition to any treatment menu. Retail is made easy with highly effective, alluring products which are sold in some of the best spas and salons around the world including The Fairmont


Hands are the first area of the body in which aging appears. MediHand contains products targeting clients with dry and rejuvenation concerns. The treatments are focused on obtaining results and never compromising on the experience.


What makes Elim MediHeel Different from my current offering?

MediHeel was formulated to give you a superior result on pedicures. The ingredients used are similar to ingredients prescribed in Facial Products with high actives. Instead of using normal exfoliators, MediHeel uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids to peel the skin.

The product is also aimed at giving the therapist a better experience, limiting the labour and concentrating on the pampering, not compromising on outcomes or results.

How will switching to MediHeel affect the cost of a pedicure?

The value of your pedicure will increase dramatically, by educating your clients they will not mind paying extra for a professional and Medical pedicure.

A MediHeel pedicure will be a little more than the average Pedi. The treatment costing is around £2 and we suggest you retail your pedicure for £30+

What do I need extra for a MediHeel Pedi?

Cotton wool


Protection paper

Pedi bath

How long does the MediHeel pedicure take?

[To update for UK]

Can I only use the peel and carry on with my own Pedi products?

We strongly advise that you do not do this. Mixing ingredients and actives can be dangerous. You would also like your client to a have a full MediHeel experience.

We recommend you use all 5 the MediHeel products in your Pedi, thus giving your client the full benefit of the products and how they work together to achieve a great result.

My clients don’t like lying on their backs, can they sit up or walk around while the peel is on.

We strongly advise that you don’t walk around. The cotton wool might fall off and this will influence the effectiveness of the peel.

If your client is seated on a Pedi chair, you might just want to put a rolled up towel under the ankle, this way the heel does not touch the towel and the product will not soak into the towels.

Can I use the Tonic on other parts of the feet?

Absolutely, because we all carry our weight differently, we all have different problem areas, you can place the cotton wool with tonic anywhere as long as it is underneath the foot. do not apply it to the ankles or top of the feet.

What can I do while I wait for the tonic to activate?

This is a time you can do the filing of the nails, remove the varnish and even do some clipping.

If a client has very bad cracked heels, can I do the MediHeel Pedi?

Absolutely, as long as the cracks are not bleeding. If you have bleeding cracks, rather skip the peel and neutralizer and continue with the AHA Exfoliator, perfector and Soak.

When the foot is not bleeding anymore you can do a second treatment that includes the tonic and neutralizer.

Why do I have to neutralize?

The Peel is an alkaline solution with a high PH level. So secure a beautiful foot for longer it is important to always leave your feet on a healthy PH level. The neutralizer will make sure the PH is restored to 5.

Can I soak the feet before I start?

No MediHeel works best on a dry foot, if the client has foot odour or bacteria, you may use an anti-fungal spray or sanitizer, in summer you may also wipe the foot with a compress but make sure it is dry before you start the process.

Can I use the exfoliator in the water?

No the acid will neutralize and the AHA will have no effect?

Can I pour the neutralizer into the water to neutralize?

No this will dilute the Neutralizer and the affect will be compromised.

What makes the foot perfector different from other heel balms?

It contains more active ingredients for deep penetration to heal the foot over time. It contains silicone to help with slip when massaging and it contains a unique ingredient to make sure the foot dries quickly, guaranteed not to slip in the shoes after your Pedi.

My client has bad foot odour, what do you recommend?

The Anti-fungal anti-bacterial foot soak, use this daily.

What is unique about the foot spritz?

It is a beautiful finish to a perfect Pedi. It contains gold dust for the perfect finish. Make sure you shake the bottle vigorously to avoid clogging of the pumps.

Where does MediHeel come from?

It is a South African company. Everything we do and make comes from South Africa.

Can I replace the pumice with my own foot file?

No, the pumice will remove all the excess skin, giving you a residue that can otherwise cause heels to form calluses in the same place. Make sure you remove the skin with the pumice; it will give you a softer smoother heel for longer.

How do I apply the neutralizer?

You can either use a warm compress for a better experience in winter or a cold cloth in summer for a cooling experience. Apply a few drops to the cloth and wipe the affected area. you may also use a cotton swab, but we find the experience is better with the compress.

How often can a client come for a MediHeel Pedi?

You can book your client as normal , once a month.

MediHeel can be done as much as twice a week without any side effects.

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