Our feet deserve some love! 'Foot Care' doesn't always sound like the most luxurious treatment, but when done correctly it can become a valuable and enjoyable part of your skincare routine. Banish abrasive scrubs and greasy creams from your mind, and instead turn your attention to Elim's results-driven home care range. 
Maintaining the health and wellbeing of your feet is vital when you're between Mediheel pedicure appointments, and we're here to help you do just that...
If you love a luxurious foot soak after a long day, we recommend you add 5ml of Spa Additive to your pedi-bath. Enjoy the calming Tea Tree and Rosemary that eases any foot pain, while it's anti bacterial properties prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. 


Elim Spa Additive
While soaking, apply AHA Foot Exfoliant and massage away any dead skin, leaving your feet silky smooth. Rinse off the exfoliant well before drying your feet thoroughly.


Elim AHA Foot Exfoliant
You can take this time to gently pumice any areas of your feet where stubborn, hard skin is still present. It is important not to cause any trauma to the skin as this can encourage further hard skin growth, so gently does it! 


Small pumice stone
When it comes to foot cream, Elim's Foot Perfector just hits different. It's a medium weight formulation that moisturises without feeling too thick or greasy. It brightens and softens the skin, while it's non-slip formula makes it perfect for a quick application before getting on with your day. 


Elim Foot Perfector


If you're performing this routine just before bed, we recommend treating yourself to our Mediheel Intense Night Repair Cream. Apply the balm to your heels, slip on the hydra-gel socks and get some much deserved rest while Elim does all the work.


Elim Mediheel Intense Night Repair Cream


Don't forget the cuticles! When it comes to cuticle oils, Cuticle MD is the GOAT. Its formulation combines 10 oils for a super powerful hydration experience that promotes healing of the cuticles and the surrounding skin. It's a cult favourite for a reason.


Cuticle MD Elim Cuticle Oil


Finally, for some added glitz and glamour, finish any foot care session with Gold Spritz. It smells incredible and leaves your newly pampered feet positively glowing. It's safe to use all over the body, so it also makes a gorgeous-smelling body spray. 


Elim Gold Spritz


The great thing about Elim home care is that you can pick and choose whichever products suit you and your lifestyle best. Prone to hard skin growth? Make the most of AHA Exfoliant and Intense Night Repair. Want to focus on hydration? Foot Perfector and Cuticle and MD are quick, easy and highly effective.